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Tired of Existing in the Default Mode

Is there a specific aspect of your business or life in which you've been aching to move forward?  

Maybe you have had a gnawing feeling that it's time to create some sort of impact or change. You've been thinking "something has got to give!"

What you have been doing is not getting you any closer to where you envision yourself or creating the impact or change you know is sitting there, dormant and untapped.  

Where have you been holding back or not making progress? 


It Takes Courage to Operate Outside of a Default Mode

If you are ready to acknowledge the need for change and are willing to try something new because default mode is no longer working, then click here to book a Launch Consultation

I partner with successful women who are disillusioned to get out of their own way, navigate through the fog of a changing landscape, and reclaim their personal and professional life!

Through conscientious, compassionate coaching you will experience the catalyzing potential of inspiration and motivation. Clarity and focus will come into view. You will take the next step toward whatever has been elusive. 















"I've Had Such Movement In The Few Months We've Been Together..."

"I personally have been highly impacted by Susan's ability to help me clarify what is going on in my world, get down to what is really important and assist me in carving steps to get to where I want to go. If anyone is curious to use Susan I encourage them, just have one consultation and you will be hooked!"

Jennifer D-W - Illinois 

Human Resource Director


"Susan Uses Her Knowledge, Vast Experiences, And Senses To Help Create Transformation In Her Clients' Personal And Professional Lives."

Char - Indiana

Program Director and Registered Nurse


"I Would Highly Recommend Susan If You Are Feeling Stuck Or Frustrated With Where You Are At"

"Working with Susan was a wonderful experience for me. She truly helped me walk through defining my values and helping me set realistic steps to achieve my goals. We also spent time discovering what my inner saboteurs are and how to overcome them.  I had never done coaching before and wasn't quite sure what to expect.  But I was pleasantly surprised and continue to use what I learned from her when facing different situations."

Julie - Indiana







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