Shore to Shore Blog | April 2019


You Don't Have to Hide Under the Covers
April 25, 2019 | By Susan Siwinski-Hebel

Work life balance is a constant struggle for us all. 

It seems like even though we have more 'conveniences' in our lives, we have less time than ever. 

Conveniences, to my mind, are created and made available with an intention of creating freedom. Freedom to schedule a walk with a friend, read a few chapters in a book, or visit a relative on the way home from work. Yet the availability of conveniences are time warping our lives. Something about these advances are morphing and shaping the quality of living that isn't necessarily in our best interest.


Your Life Balance is Just a Choice Away

April 4, 2019 | By Susan Siwinski-Hebel

Sometimes people feel that in order to have more balance in their life, they will have to make life altering changes! 

While that may be true for some people, most of us will experience more balance if we start by making small, intentional changes. 

The idea of small steps having an impact over time isn't new, but I wonder if some of us struggle believing in it's truth.

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