Comments by those who know Susan...

Responses of confidential survey obtained May 2016 by 360 Reach, an independent company, to establish professional reputation:

  • Leader
  • Project Manager
  • Administrator
  • Creator
  • Care Giver


"Very special and wonderful human being."  ­ 
"The breadth of her background allows her to lead, care, motivate, and manage, but I feel she is an  expert facilitator. I have known Susan for 16 years and I hold her in the highest regard as a colleague and professional."
"Susan is full of success and works well with others. She has an educational and personal background packed full of experiences and great knowledge. Susan is an exceptional life coach. She has many ideas and ways on how to motivate and facilitate ... to think about goals in life and how to  escalate the feeling of confidence. With her energy and radiant aura, she makes you feel like anything is possible."
"Susan is a kind, loving, and compassionate person. As a coach, her ability to see the best in others is unprecedented. Anyone that gets the chance to work with Susan is blessed." 
"Susan's work is her following her heart and the calling of her soul. Those who interact with her receive the gifts of her compassionate nature and intuition."
"While Susan has been many things to many people, she is always true to herself. She is confident, grounded, balanced ~ an all-around wonderful human being." 
"She has a strength and power within her that is amazing to be around." ­ 
"Susan is very creative, and fun. She has a unique ability to connect with people quickly making you feel comfortable opening up to her. She is very encouraging, and truly sincere with her desire to help other identify things that might be holding you back, and create tangible ways to identify and achieve your goals." ­ 
"Thank you for all you do to help those you work with make a difference Íž)"