Blog 1.0 | Introducing Shore-to-Shore(SM)

Everyone has innate potential. This is my heartfelt belief!

Potential is found through engaging and activating capacity. Capacity allows people to mightily reach something difficult to attain. Capacity also shows up in the promise of renewal. Something built into the blueprint of humanity's resilience. Potential is in all of us. Sometimes we need support in navigating and living into our capacity.

Those who already know me know of my long-time championing of others through their work and life. It is a part of my core being and doing. Three years ago, I made a decision to solidify my life’s work, all of my professional and personal experiences, into a business that helps others. I integrated Co-Active(R) methodologies as it seemed a natural progression to reach even more people.

You see, I've long felt professionals and business owners are often at a loss in finding easily accessible, independent, confidential, and experienced resources to support them when they need it most. During windows of opportunity, manifesting dreams of growth and expansion, through upending change, and within the work-a-day world existence. 

As we approach the end of 2019's first quarter, I'm pulled to step forth and connect with those who are seeking me through a more open and engaging manner. So, as all adventurer's do, I've set upon another path of discovery and am sharing with you in this new blog, Shore to Shore(SM)

I hope you find inspiration, motivation, and sparks of engagement that move you forward into action for what's next.

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